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5 Ways you should be Promoting your Beauty Business this Holiday Season

Tis' the season!  There is no other season during the year that is riddled with opportunity to promote your beauty business while creating some good PR for your personal brand.  Not only are potential customers looking for that perfect gift, but because it is the season of giving - you can mesh your passion for local community organizations with holiday promotions.
Want to get the most out of your sales during this time of cheer? Here are 5 Ways you should be Promoting your Beauty Business this Holiday Season:  
  • Package your products as Holiday baskets or kits.  Help potential customers solve a problem. People are willing to invest in products that do one of the following:  saves them time, saves them money, shortens a process for them or gives them peace of mind.  Use your creative spirit to put together holiday baskets or kits that highlight your products.  Make it presentable, lavish and something that someone would LOVE receiving as a gift.  Remember, the basket doesn't need to be entirely made up of your products, go ahead and include items like an eyelash curler and eye mask (if you're looking to spotlight your mascara).  If you really want to hit it out of the park, try keeping it between $50 - $75.  Need a little inspiration?  Search Pinterest for ideas and take it from there!
  • Share content that will help your potential customer. As Holiday parties gear up, it is a great opportunity to share your make-up tips for how to look your best.  Consider a tutorial on 'How to perfect the Holiday smokey-eye' or 'How to keep your make-up looking fresh during those holiday parties'.  I would recommend steering away from a hard sell, your purpose with content should be to put good, quality information out there and try to build a relationship with your potential customer so that down the road - should they need what you are selling (or know someone that does), you'll be the first person that comes to mind! 
  • Offer bonus / cash back incentives.  There's only one thing better than knowing you've found that perfect gift for that person on your Christmas list - and that's getting it at a GREAT deal!  If there is any time that you should consider offering an incentive for purchases, this is prime time.  But Vivian, I can't offer an incentive or discount!  Get creative! Consider offering a commemorative wine glass or ornament that is fun and chic.  It doesn't have to break the piggie bank, but let it be something they find fun. 
  • Throw a holiday cocktail party - have proceeds from any sales go to a local non-profit organization.  Do a little research and find out which local community organizations are in need this holiday season. Pick one and throw a fabulous holiday cocktail party to benefit the organization.  Be clear about the intent, especially if you plan on having some of your products displayed and for sale.  But let invitees know that it will be to benefit the local community organization of your choice.  You can deliver a percentage of sales for that night to the organization (ex: 20% of all sales will be donated to Lowcountry Orphanage).  Don't be afraid to set a goal (make sure it's attainable) and share it with your attendees prior to the party.  [Side note: YOU MUST DELIVER ON YOUR PROMISE. If you state that 20% of sales will go to the organization, that means 20% of sales goes to the organization.  Do not change your mind. Do not get busy and forget to deliver the proceeds. It is important to follow through with any promises made, the last thing you want is for people to think you are untrustworthy.]
  • Have you donated items, participated in an angel tree program or raised funds during the holiday season for a local organization?  If so then don't be shy about sharing your generous endeavors with your Facebook or Instagram followers!  Remember that customers love to do business with people that they know, like and trust - sharing stories like this can help them get to know what your passionate about in your community and can raise your 'likability' quotient. Also, use it as an opportunity to share a little bit about the organization or  program you participated in.  Most organization or programs are always looking for donations or volunteers, help them out by spreading the word about their mission! 

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