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How to Create an Engaging Facebook Cover Photo (Easily & for Free)

Make your Facebook Cover Photo work harder for you.                                       

Facebook can be such a powerful vehicle to help you deliver your business' message to the right audience.  But are you leveraging Facebook to it's full potential? 

One of the most underutilized Facebook components is your cover photo.  

Canva for Facebook Cover DesignThe truth is, that with a little bit of effort and a free online tool (Canva) - you can start to leverage your Facebook Cover photo to work harder for you! 

I promise you, you absolutely do not need any graphic design experience to do this, and you don’t even need to be creative - AND even better - I won’t be asking you to sign up for any software or anything that will cost you money, this is all FREE.

Now before you begin to think about how to design your Facebook cover photo, you need to decide what the purpose of your cover photo will be - choose from one of the four options:

  • I want to promote a product or service
  • I want to encourage a click to my website
  • I want people to join my mailing list - or-
  • I want them to watch a video

Once you’ve decided which of those four you want to focus on, watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to physically design a Facebook cover photo that will not only capture your audience's attention, but also get them to take action! 


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