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3 Ways to Improve your Cold Calling Approach

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Sure 'wavy' eyebrows are a trend, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea!


There is only one thing that makes me cringe more than wavy eyebrows and that's bad sales and marketing advice, especially when it relates to the beauty business.  

Tell me, does this sound familiar?

"Wherever you go, the drive-through, the grocery story, the mall, the drugstore, the doctor’s office, to a family gathering, etc, talk to everyone!  Make sure that whenever you go out, you apply the 3D Fiberlash Mascara to ONE EYE.  What will this do?  It will make the conversation so much easier to have because you will be your own proof of how amazing this product is.  Eventually, as you start to grow your makeup stash, all of the makeup you wear will be Younique because you will become your own advertisement.
.... This is usually what I say to people when I walk up to them:

Me:        “Here (as I’m handing them a business card).  I have to say that you have great lashes (or a GENUINE compliment that you can tie back to Younique)!
Person:  “Thank you!”
Me:        “Have you ever heard of Younique before?”
Person:  “No, I haven’t.  What is it?”
Me:        “It’s an all-natural cosmetic line….best make up I ever used.  Their number 1 seller is their 3D mascara….can you see the difference in my eyes (I show them my lashes)”
Person:    “Wow!”
 From there, you just simply answer their questions and try your best to get their contact information or add them onto your Facebook"

Now tell me, is that ever how it goes down?  If we are being completely honest, we know that it's not that easy. And that no matter how many conversations you are able to start with that approach,  that only a small percentage of those ever turn into an actual sale.  

So, then how can we make that 'cold calling' approach a little easier?   

3 ways to improve your cold calling approach

1. Do not sell on your first interaction.

You wouldn't walk up to a complete stranger, introduce yourself and then ask them for $50, would you? That's what you are practically doing when you try selling products to someone you just met. The first interaction with a potential client should be a 'discovery' phase.  Your goal should be to make a connection. I know that seems a little cheesy, but you need to allow time after you meet someone to identify their needs and see how best your products can help satisfy those needs.

2. Develop a Sales Pipeline.

What the heck does a sales pipeline look like? Like this: 

The purpose of a sales pipeline is for you to be able to track where potential customers are at any given time (ie. how close are they to purchasing your product).  The needs of a potential customer change depending on where they are in the pipeline. For example, you may want to spend more time with someone that is in the Decision bucket, because they are closer to purchasing your product. Consider it your job to help walk them through the process. As you have probably seen, some potential customers need to be educated on the product and on the multiple uses or benefits of that product. 

3. Make your Prospective Client the Focus. 

Think about how you can genuinely help them.  Asking someone to purchase a product because you are close to hitting a sales goal, isn't the way to make a good sale.  Sure you might sell on that one occasion. But you're building a business and you want to establish a good, repeat customer. And the most effective marketing...well, that's still word of mouth. And the best word of mouth comes when you help someone with a problem they've been struggling with - so much so that they want to tell all their family and friends about how awesome your product is. Be sure that you focus on the prospective client and ask yourself, what benefit can I provide for them and how you can I make their life better?

Try developing a sales funnel this week and use the other two recommendations when you are meeting new prospective clients.  See what a difference it makes!

- The Seasoned Marketer

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